Mounting your LederGlück covers onto your stroller’s handles is child’s play! Thanks to our careful preparation, you will manage it easily – even without practice. Please take your time and do the mounting carefully and precisely as shown here. We accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to incorrect mounting of the leather covers to your stroller.

Leather covers with zipper

The easiest and fastest way is our variant with zipper: simply lay the appropriate cover onto the handle, hook the slider (sometimes it takes a little bit of patience until it is correctly hooked) and then close the zipper slowly. It is easier if you compress the leather cover around the handle with the other hand as close as you can. Do not worry: the covers are not too small. We just cut them very tight, so that they can not slip later in case the leather stretches a little bit. Take your time when attaching the covers. You can take a thin glove to protect your fingers from the hard zipper.

Tip: If you have a two-part handle push bar, please start from above (in the middle) and close the zipper towards the side, so that the slider ends at the outside and not in the middle above where it might be disturbing.

Leather covers with lacing

Our classic variant with lacing won’t cause any problem neither and the rewards are perfectly fitting covers, even on handles with curves – much smoother than it would ever be possible with zippers!

You don’t need to “sew” anything: we punch each hole thoroughly, so you just need to thread and lace down our special twine with the provided special needle. It’s like lacing up shoes, but with a little more time and patience; but then you only do it once! Without any exercise, you will need up to 1 minute per centimeter length.

Video manual: mounting leather covers with lacing

Note: Our video tutorial is a little out of date and will soon be renewed. Please start at the time 0:31 and read the following descriptions – because they always are up to date. (Sorry, we only have this German video manual until now, but we will work on an English version and/or subtitles as soon as possible, promised!)

Step 1:

First, make sure that the foam grips are placed properly on the rods. Because often they slip a few centimeters down after some months of everyday use. You can, however, gently push & stretch them back to their old position upwards with some force. Then, place the matching leather cover from the outside onto the grip. Please note that it could look as if the leather cover is to small at first glance. That is because the leather will stretch during lacing. Also the circumference appears a little to small at first glance. Don’t worry! It’s supposed to look like that, so that the covers will sit very tight after lacing and can’t slip on the grips afterwards.

Tip: We recommend that you run the seam on the handle’s inner side. You might have seen that technique on leather steering wheels of premium cars. Of course you can always attach the covers with the seam on the outside, if you prefer.


Step 2:

Take the enclosed special leather needle and lace the twine loosely through the pre-punched seam. Make the first stitch from the outside to the inside on the opposite side and then always from the inside to the outside in the diagonally opposite hole. On stroller handle covers we always recommend starting in the center on top of the stroller and lacing down (our imprinted LederGlück logo should be on the side/outside at the end and not on the top/center ot the handles). On bumper bars, it doesn’t matter at which side you start and on which side the logo is visible at the end.

Tip: Don’t tighten the stitches (step 3) until you have finally adjusted the positioning/alignment!

LederGlück Manufaktur

Step 3:

Now you just have to lash each stitch from the beginning to the end of the seam so firmly that the leather completely surrounds the handle. This is the hardest step. You need powerful hands here, so that the cover fits really tight and can’t slip later. Don’t worry: our special twine is extremely tear-resistant!

Tip: It’s best to use our supplied cotton glove for this step. It will help protect your fingers. If you like, you could also use a crochet hook to pull and tighten the individual loops.

LederGlück Manufaktur

Step 4:

Lash the last stitch from the outside to the inside through the last hole, then hitch a double knot around the last loop at the inner side ot the cover, pull it real tight and cut the rest of the twine.

Tip: The cut end of the twine is easy to hide under the leather. You can gently lift the edge of the leather cover and slide the end of the twine under it by using the end of the needle.

LederGlück Manufaktur

Hint: If the covers should slip a little bit after some months, they can be pushed back into the correct position by hand with some force and patience. Furthermore, you can always remove them completely and re-attach them with new twine on the same stroller or another stroller of the same model. By the way: you can buy our special twine in many different colors in our online shop!