We pay great attention to the quality of our locally produced German leather and the safety of our products.

Our bespoke leather handle covers for example are tightly lashed to the original handle bars and protect them against slipping on the rods. In addition, we have often seen how easily small pieces of the original foam handles come off and can be swallowed by the baby. That simply becomes impossible with our covers made of genuine leather. In our view, you even obtain an increases safety by using our leather handle covers!


We ourselves can not control neither the leather production nor the proper application of our products by our customers. Therefore, we do not accept liability for any damages that may be associated with the use of our products.

Safety note concerning our stroller bag hooks: please do not hang heavy items on your stroller, otherwise it could overturn!

Safety note concerning our stroller crotch belt: use under supervision only! It is not a replacement for the original seat belts of your stroller and no original accessory – the manufacturer names mentioned in the product text are only used to precisely describe the product.

Safety note concerning our toddler handholds: please make sure that your toddler always is under your supervision, because it could let go the handhold at any time!